About Us

Welcome to the Youth Disability Advocacy Network – otherwise known as YDAN! We are the peak representative body for young people with disability (YPWD) in Western Australia, striving to promote the rights of young people aged 12-25 in our community and beyond.

We were established in 2015 to address the under-representation of YPWD in WA’s decision-making forums. We believe firmly in the authenticity of lived experience and ensuring every individual should have the opportunity to be consulted and recognised as the experts in their own experiences.

Our mission is to advance the human rights and freedoms of YPWD. We move through barriers to allow the voices of our young people are heard, valued, and respected and work towards a future that is fair, inclusive, and free from discrimination.

Our vision is that young people with disabilities in Western Australia and wider society have their rights strengthened and protected and they are valued in their contributions. We aim to foster a society where all individuals, regardless of their disability, are fully included, valued, and have equal opportunities to thrive.

We at YDAN invite you to be a part of this vision! Work with us to create a world where young people with disability can realise their full potential. Join us in our commitment to amplify their voices and be their advocates in a barrier-laden system so that they can assert their rights.

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If you are a young person with a disability living in WA, you can join our online network (run through Facebook) to access information, unique opportunities and events, and peer support.

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