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YDAN 2021-2022 Project Descriptions


The UNLEAHSED project aims to empower young people with disabilities (YPWD) by promoting their economic participation through a comprehensive set of e-learning modules, workshops, and networking events. The project will focus on addressing barriers to employment for YPWD and raising awareness among employers about the valuable contributions they can make to the workforce. We believe that every young person deserves a chance to thrive in the workforce and make meaningful contributions to their community.

The UNLEAHSED Project will:

  • Build the individual capacity of YPWD to increase job readiness and develop skills that can lead to better employment opportunities.
  • Facilitate networking opportunities with potential employers, allowing YPWD to develop relationships with mentors and access employment leads.
  • Provide YPWD with the skills and opportunities to share their stories through various expressive forms, with a particular emphasis on public speaking.

As a business in Western Australia, you have a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact through the UNLEAHSED Project. Join us and contribute to the empowerment of YPWD in two meaningful ways:

  1. Networking Event Participation:
    Be part of our exclusive networking event designed to connect businesses with talented YPWD who are eager to explore employment opportunities. This event provides a platform for you to engage with YPWD, learn about their unique skills and experiences, and identify potential job placements within your organisation. By participating, you actively contribute to creating a more inclusive workforce, fostering diversity, and unlocking the untapped potential of YPWD.
  2. Mentorship Opportunities:
    Become a mentor and play a vital role in the professional development of YPWD. Your guidance, expertise, and industry insights can make a profound impact on their career journeys. As a mentor, you provide support, share knowledge, and help YPWD navigate the challenges they may face. By becoming a mentor, you actively contribute to building a more inclusive and supportive professional community.

Your participation in the UNLEAHSED Project is an opportunity to be part of a positive change, shaping a more inclusive society and empowering young individuals with disabilities. Together, we can create an environment where every young person has equal opportunities to thrive and make valuable contributions.

To join us in making a difference, please reach out to us at UNLEAHSED@ydan.com.au . We would be thrilled to provide more details about the upcoming networking event, mentorship opportunities, and how your business can actively contribute to this transformative initiative.

Project AIM (Access and Inclusion Matters)

Welcome to Project AIM (Access and Inclusion Matters), a unique opportunity for young people with disabilities (YPWD) to actively contribute to promoting inclusive practices and enhancing accessibility in community organisations and relevant settings. Through harnessing the lived experiences of YPWD, this project aims to cultivate knowledge and capacity within organisations and groups. Together, we can create a more inclusive and accessible community.

Project AIM comprises three key elements:

  1. Educational Workshops:
    YPWD will co-design and deliver workshops to increase understanding of disability and showcase ways to foster better inclusion. Participants, including representatives of organisations and groups, will gain insights into improving community spaces, ensuring accessibility at events, and effectively including YPWD in their services, activities, and spaces. These educational workshops serve as a valuable resource to broaden awareness and promote inclusive practices.
  2. Experiential Audits:
    YPWD will conduct experiential audits, providing community organisations and spaces with tailored feedback reports to improve accessibility and inclusivity. By pairing YPWD with community organisations or groups, we identify barriers faced by YPWD and individuals with disabilities when accessing or engaging with services, activities, or spaces. Through personalised feedback, we offer practical recommendations that, when implemented, enhance accessibility and foster greater inclusion.
  3. Creation of a ‘Guidebook to Community Inclusion’ and Resources:

To ensure inclusivity reaches organisations beyond the workshops and audits, we develop a comprehensive ‘Guidebook to Community Inclusion’ and related materials. These resources empower organisations and enterprises to enhance their practices, promoting accessibility and inclusion. Even if your organisation is not directly targeted by the workshops or audits, you can still benefit from valuable insights and guidance to create an inclusive environment.

We invite businesses and community organisations to join Project AIM and actively contribute to a more inclusive society. By participating, you have the opportunity to:

  • Attend educational workshops to deepen your understanding of disability and inclusive practices.
  • Engage in experiential audits to receive personalised feedback and improve accessibility.
  • Access the ‘Guidebook to Community Inclusion’ and related resources to enhance your organisation’s practices.

To get involved or learn more about how your business or organisation can participate in Project AIM, please contact us at aim@ydan.com.au or completed an workshop or audit booking request via our services tab. Join us in making a positive difference and promoting access and inclusion for all.

Disability Empowerment Project (DEP)

‘The Disability Empowerment Project’, aims to support young people with disabilities (YPWD) to engage in activities from which they have traditionally been excluded from due to inaccessibility and exclusion. Our mission is to empower YPWD to speak up for themselves, develop self-advocacy skills, and exercise their rights, ultimately fostering autonomy and overcoming barriers.

DEP focuses on two key components:

  1. Self-Advocacy Training:
    We provide comprehensive training to equip YPWD with self-advocacy skills and a deeper understanding of their rights. Through this training, participants gain the knowledge and tools to effectively advocate for themselves, navigate challenges, and identify the support(s) they need to fully participate in their communities. By developing their capacity for self-advocacy, YPWD gain the confidence to overcome barriers and take control of their lives.
  2. Podcast Series:
    Sharing Lessons Learned: DEP participants will feature in a podcast series where they will share their personal journeys and lessons learned around self-advocacy. Through these narratives, YPWD will give voice to their experiences and inspire others in the broader community. The podcast series serves as a platform to raise awareness, promote understanding, and foster inclusion by showcasing the strength and resilience of YPWD.

We invite businesses and organisations to actively engage with the Disability Empowerment Project and share in the journey of empowerment. Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Support the DEP by contributing resources, expertise, or funding to help expand the reach and impact of the project.
  • Provide opportunities for DEP participants to engage in meaningful activities within your organisation, fostering inclusion and creating a more diverse workforce.
  • Share the valuable insights and context developed during the course of the project, helping to inform policies, practices, and initiatives that promote accessibility and empower YPWD.

To learn more about how your business or organisation can get involved in the Disability Empowerment Project, please contact us at dep@ydan.com.au.