Access and Inclusion Matters (AIM) Project

Project AIM (Access and Inclusion Matters) is a unique opportunity for YPWD to actively contribute to promoting inclusive practices and enhancing accessibility of community organisations. By harnessing the lived experiences of YPWD, this project cultivates knowledge and capacity within organisations and groups. Together, we can create a more inclusive and accessible community.

Project AIM comprises three key elements:

  1. Educational Workshops:
    YDAN has two (2) co-designed workshops: Engaging with Young People with Disability, and Creating Inclusive Spaces. These workshops are delivered by YPWD, with an aim of increasing general understanding of disability and showcasing ways to foster better inclusion. Participants will gain insights into improving community spaces, ensuring accessibility is at the forefront of event planning, and how to effectively include YPWD in their services, activities, and spaces. These educational workshops serve as a valuable resource to broaden awareness and promote inclusive practices.
  2. Experiential Audits:
    YPWD conduct experiential audits, providing community organisations and spaces with tailored feedback reports to improve accessibility and inclusivity. By pairing YPWD with community organisations or groups, we identify barriers faced by individuals with disabilities when accessing or engaging with services, activities, or spaces. Through personalised feedback, we offer practical recommendations that, when implemented, enhance accessibility and foster greater inclusion.
  3. Creation of a ‘Guidebook to Community Inclusion’ and Resources: To ensure inclusivity reaches organisations beyond the workshops and audits, we develop a comprehensive ‘Guidebook to Community Inclusion’ and related materials. These resources empower organisations and enterprises to enhance their practices, promoting accessibility and inclusion. Even if your organisation is not directly targeted by the workshops or audits, you can still benefit from valuable insights and guidance to create an inclusive environment.

For businesses:

We invite businesses and community organisations to join Project AIM and actively contribute to a more inclusive society. By participating, you have the opportunity to:

  • Attend educational workshops to deepen your understanding of disability and inclusive practices.
  • Engage in experiential audits to receive personalised feedback and improve accessibility.
  • Access the ‘Guidebook to Community Inclusion’ and related resources to enhance your organisation’s practices.

To get involved or learn more about how your organisation can participate in Project AIM, please contact us at or completed an workshop or audit booking request via our services tab. Join us in making a positive difference and promoting access and inclusion for all.