Mission & Values

What we are all about!

The mission of YDAN is to promote and advance the human rights and freedoms of young people with disabilities. We strive to be the leading voice and body of young people with disabilities in Western Australia, ensuring they are respected, valued, and listened to in all aspects of life. We hope to empower young people and create a future that is just, and free from discrimination.

Our vision is that young people with disabilities in Western Australia and wider society have their rights strengthened and protected and they are valued in their contributions.

People Power

We value youth participation and youth leadership in all endeavours. We believe that people have great capacity to achieve great things.

Absolute Justice

We value fairness in all matters and demand rights are upheld. We ensure there are inclusive environments.

Personal Excellence

We value the hard work and dedication of those who strive to do their best, despite challenges they may face.

Lifelong Learning

We value the impact of education and those who are willing to constantly learn.

Accelerated Action

We value questioning and agitating societal norms and when change occurs fast.