Communication Strategies

Communication strategies are methods we can use to support effective communication with others.

Since everybody is different, strategies that work for some may not work for others. Here are some examples that YDAN young people say helps them:

  • Don’t communicate with others at the same time
  • Prepare what to say or key points in advance
  • Think about if the other person will understand what you’re planning to say
  • Have a support person help prepare for/during the communication
  • Use stimming/fidget objects to manage stimulation levels
  • Use email to slow down the exchange so there’s time to think it all through, or choose another preferred way of communicating
  • Tell them your communication requirements/strategies so they can understand you better

What strategies already work for you? What strategies might you want to try?

Practicing communication skills regularly, and asking trusted friends for feedback on areas you could improve, will help you become an effective communicator.