Support systems

Your support system is a network of people and places you can go to for help. They’re people that you can trust, that have your best interest at heart. You may choose to use your support system when you need practical or emotional support. They are there to help you through life’s challenges.

Job-seeking is a challenging time for most. A support system can help you while seeking employment by keeping an eye out for job opportunities, assisting you in the job application process and providing encouragement and motivation if times get tough.

Your support system is also there to support you during employment too. They’re there as a sounding board – to listen to your success and achievements, as well as the problems you face. You may choose to ask them for advice, or to simply listen.

Your support system may include:




Community groups

You support network does not need to include a lot of people. However, it is good to have some options, as you might go to different people for various needs. For example, you might have a friend that you can vent to, an auntie that gives great relationship advice and a mentor that challenges you to be your best and motivates you to reach your goals.


Support is always there! Below is a list of mental health helplines and resources.

  • Beyond Blue – Provides information and support regarding mental health. Call 1300 22 4636. There are also forums and online webchat. Available 24/7.
  • Headspace –  A national youth mental health foundation available online and over the phone. Call 1800 650 890.
  • ReachOut – An online mental health service for young Australians. Provides information and resources on a range of topics. You can book a ‘Peer Chat’ with a peer worker to discuss anything on your mind. There is also an online community where you can discuss various topics, ask questions and share your experiences anonymously