UNLEASHED Employment

Welcome to UNLEASHED, YDAN’s employment eLearning. We are so excited you’ve joined us in your employment journey.

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Training Overview

This eLearning is structured into 3 main sections:

  1. Preparing for Work: discusses how to prepare yourself for work through planning, finding your ‘why’, and self-awareness
  2. Finding Work: types of work, job searching & networking
  3. At Work: your rights, being part of a team, leadership, communication strategies, boundaries and more!

Image shows eLearning course process. Image is divided into 3 sections. First section is Preparing for work and covers the topics leading others, goals and planning, and support systems. The second section is finding work and covers topics of types of work, career development, and job searching and interviews. The final section is at work and includes topics on team skills, communication, work/life balance, and rights at work

You don’t have to start at the first topic, if there is a specific section that you’d like to explore – feel free to skip to that section or come back to any section that you need to read again.

There is no assessments as a part of this course, and no homework that will be marked. There are activities that are optional for you to download and complete to help you reflect on your answers and practice some skills that will be useful in your employment journey.

Other Useful Links

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